Who I am?

I am an enthusiastic malware analyst. I love reverse engineering, especially when it comes to analyzing malware. I work as freelance in the area of the computer security. This web is my effort to contribute within my possibilities in the world of computer security.

What will I share here?

Mainly, the content of this blog will be focused on malware analysis.

The Main Blog will be updated with analysis of different malware's families. Additionally, I share my Sandbox where automatic malware analysis' reports will be shared. At GitHub I will share my projects, tools, code's snippets, etc... And you always can follow me at Twitter.

About the SandBox

Time ago, I started to code a set of scripts and tools to automatize some daily reverse engineering's tasks. I continued extending these tools meanwhile I needed to extract some additional information from the sample (behavioral information, strings from memory, etc...). It growth, and I decided to put all together and organize these tools, and this Frankistein became the Pepper Sandbox.

This sandbox is not based on Cuckoo or any other wellknown platform. I use some wellknown tools such as Yara or Volatility, but the main code of the sandbox was started from zero. It is coded in python and I am continuosly developing and improving it with new features. I enjoy working on this amateur non-commercial sandbox and I hope you enjoy the malware's reports that will be published.


DM me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/p3pperp0tts

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